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Men’s Basketball

Ivoree Atkinson

Johnson C. Smith
Public Health


Atkinson earned his bachelor’s degree in public health this year.

He is currently in graduate school for social work, where he boasts a 3.5 GPA.


While in Charlotte, Atkinson has made sure to allocate time to the community.

He is a member of the Social Work Club and has mentored elementary school students.

He is also a personal trainer while back at home.


In his time at JCSU, Atkinson has remained locked in - both on and off the field. His desire to compete brings out the best in his teammates and peers.

Atkinson understands the importance of being a team player and fulfilling an individual role. He has exhibited significant perseverance and growth as a leader during his three years in Charlotte.


Atkinson has played two years for the Golden Bulls. Even though his time on the field was limited, he is always working on the practice field.

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